giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

Street Marketing n. 2: LONDON

I'd rather eat a strong cheddar cheese than a calf milk.
I'd rather shop in a colorful market than on an Internet page.
Do you agree? But let me ask you: do you know something more hippie-fashionable than a vinyl record shop? And can you imagine something less profitable? Straight against 0,99€ MP3 downloads?
Let London talk about it. In the crowd of small independent shop near Notting Hill stands Gauguin Records Store. Its name due to the famous French artist who moved to Polinesia in the early '900s.
Would you come in?
It has a small room, but you can't help entering it. No board outside, but take a look at the window: a straw Tahitian hut with old record-builted walls. Bright wood shelves carved by an amateur, Keith Richards-haired owner and a steaming coffee cup on the table.
Tell me: don't you think that a Bob Dylan record must be bought right here?
Where you breathe acoustic guitar and drums, bell-bottomed trousers and cries of peace songs? Even Lady Gaga would feel hippy and free in Gauguin Record Store.
Dear category managers, packaging teachers, store-strategies experts, take a walk to Portobello Road and visit our friend who sells old records.
Nothing there is perfect, but everything is true.
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I wake up always in shape, I get distorted by the others.
(Alda Merini)

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